Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rescue and Restore Album Review

"Rescue and Restore" thunders out as one of August Burns Red's strongest albums instrumentally. The band seems to have hit their stride by balancing the breakdown elements of "Messengers" with the fast intensity of "Leveler" and "Constellations". Fans of specific albums will be happy and satisfied with the variety and lively nature of the album. The artwork is bright and grungy which embodies the sound ABR has grown into. Lyrically the album is not their strongest, which seems due to the specificity with which Jake wrote some of the lyrics. He clearly has a passion in his personal life for healing and growth, both for himself and others, and that shines through in the lyrics. However, some of them feel more personal, like letters Jake has written to God, which may make it harder for listeners to relate and connect to the songs. The more I listened the more I came to enjoy the lyrics, trying to place myself in each song. If fans take an approach that is more personal, they may find the lyrics growing in strength over time as they feel certain songs or lyrics are their own. The in-your-face intensity is lacking when compared to an album like "Messengers", with the exception of the track "Treatment", which strongly condemns religious tribalism and bigotry. So, some fans may feel the album is somewhat flat lyrically, but again, it is more personal than preachy which some may prefer. Overall, the word to describe listening to the album is "fun". The increase in positive healing-focused lyrics and reestablishing of the participatory nature of the music will hopefully draw new fans in and be enjoyed by longtime fans of the band.

5/5 stars - I highly recommend this album.