Monday, March 26, 2007

Reformed Pastor Pt 6

Chapter 2 - Section 2

-No matter how much I study and read, if the ends to why I am doing them be wrong, I am a great hypocrite.

-Knowing much with the goal of helping others and being edified is praiseworthy and wise.

-Before acts of grace the state of grace must come. True mercy, forgiveness, and compassion are not possible apart from knowing these things from God Himself.

-Many men are not proficient because they refuse to learn. There is no end or stopping point. A wise man can always be taught more.

-No matter how lovingly we deliver it, some men will always hate and revile us for telling them the truth.

-You will never preach earnestly to men that you don't fervently pray for.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Reformed Pastor Pt 5

Chapter 2 - Section 1

-Don't lead a man to living water only to muddy it by a sin filled life. Striving to be holy should bring about a desire to lead men to living water. To be living in sin only to haphazardly attempt to lead men to living water calls the motive of a man's heart into question. Why lead to living water that is apparently too bitter to drink ourselves?

-Paul was stirred by the idolatry of other men. Do we get so stirred? Do we even take notice? The constant denial of God that surrounds us dulls our senses to the rank repulsiveness of men's misleading words. If you smell not the odious stench that pours forth from the Tempter's workers how often do you unknowingly inhale and exhale the same stench?

-If you are weak you are exposed to dangers, your consolations and delight in God are abated, and the sweetness of wisdom's ways have been taken. You are less serviceable to both God and men and bring less honor to your master.

-Men would sooner believe the gospel you preach if they saw it deeply seated and burning within your chest. Are you cold? Luke warm? What gospel are they seeing compared to the one you are preaching?

-If we would remind ourselves daily that we are dying then we would see through the veneer fog of the present and press forward to what is eternal, what is to come.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Reformed Pastor Pt 4

Chapter 1 - Section 2 - Part C

-A prostitute will enter heaven more quickly than a pharisee because she doesn't need convinced or debated into believing she's in sin and misery.

-Speaking loudly without truth is like shooting a gun with powder and no bullet. It may spark and make lots of noise, but little damage is done to the enemy. Mix your zeal with truth, a truth that is humbling, a truth that has power, a truth that pierces.

-Men see meaning in your actions as much as they hear meaning in your words. We should strive to make sure both meanings match and compliment each other rather than one destroying the other.

-Even if you carry good meat to people, dirty hands can still spoil the meal you prepare for them. Don't let sin sour your delivery of the gospel anymore than our imperfection already does.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Reformed Pastor Pt 3

Chapter 1 - Section 2 - Part B

-The nearer I stand to God the greater dishonor I can bring Him. If He pulls us close and blesses us with even a whisper of grace, let us honor Him as our King through obedience and faith. Would you work less and show less loyalty to your job after being promoted? We honor those who bless us in ways that seem like favors from an ant in comparison to the grace of God. A drop of grace from God would drown a lifetime of favors and blessings from men.

-The only reason to doubt whether God will bless the work you do is if the message we proclaim has not changed our own hearts. If we do not work for God for whom do we work? If it be for us then every prayer and praise should be done in the mirror since we are worshiping ourself as a god.

-If sin be evil and should be fled from, why would you embrace it as an old friend so often? Would you slumber with venomous snakes? Or dance on thin ice above awaiting doom? Such actions would be the behavior of someone out of their mind or someone longing to be hurt. Do you long to be hurt? Are you out of your mind? If no then forsake your old friend with whom you've enjoyed so many hours of consuming death and destruction to your own soul. Pluck out the needle of death from your arm! Rise from this bed of ashes you seem content to lie in each night. Let Christ be your portion day and night.