Friday, June 09, 2006

Pt 1: God's Perfection

God receiving joy from our existence does not create any form of dependency within His existence. The fact that He created us out of nothing proves this. How? Prior to the creation of the world God was perfect in His existence. He needed no added agent of imperfection to complete any part of Him. The reason I say 'imperfection' is because anything that exists outside of the triune God lacks the ability to be perfect. Just the fact that any secondary agent must have been created and is therefore not eternal makes it less than God.

So here He sits; perfect and glorious, unaided and one. He views Himself and thinks of Himself perfectly. In this perfect thought process His eternal and ultimate plan exist. Within this perfect plan lies the birth of time. God, in His ultimate plan, which could only be based on and influenced by His perfect view of Himself, created time as a dimension within which He could carry out His created work. Our very existence depends upon a dimension that was perfectly sown together in the eternal thought process of God.

Now, just saying God has a 'thought process' robs Him of due glory. We imperfectly taint His perfect nature by describing Him with human characteristics. However, He has stamped us with His image, so the idea or philosophy of 'the thought process' is a glimmer of our Lord's functionality. Also we must remember God describes Himself using human characteristics in the Holy Scriptures. The mere fact that His creation had an order points to the orderly and perfect function of His thoughts. He saw fit to create the dimension of time, and that must have laid within some form of thought process because the creation of time was a necessary preceding act to the creation of the world.

The Lord, in His perfection, created a world and universe of harmony and order. This defeats the notion that our Lord may have had disjointed thoughts. For example, the idea that God spontaneously decided to create man and then needed a harmonious universe to place him in which would then need a dimension called time to exist within. Any notion that even resembles such random juvenility is rubbish that smells of lies from Satan. Our glorious Father laid out His plan, from start to finish, needing no fixes or changes, and all this took place within His thought process which is eternal and has no beginning.


PART TWO: The Order and Harmony of God's Plan

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