Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pt 7: Obedience Part 2

If the word of God is being preached well, then no method or program will change the hearts of those hearing it. However, "setting the mood" is a common topic for church methodology. Authors will tell you the best way to structure your service, sermon and songs to invoke the maximum amount of response possible. Of course no Biblical case is ever made for such nonsense, just western marketing strategies breaching the walls of God's holy church. The Holy Spirit doesn't hold back it's work until just the right amount of tender emotionally vulnerable mood has been invoked into the unregenerate heart. The Holy Spirit works only through the preaching of the word of God and the proclamation of God's truth to bring sinner's to salvation.

The latter statement of absolute will bring some to say, "You can't limit the Holy Spirit," to which only one response is needed: The Holy Spirit is limited by God to work in a specific way through God's word and proclaimed truth to bring sinners to salvation. People philosophize that because God has no limit in His power that there is no limit to the tools through which He can bring sinners to salvation. This philosophy makes anything acceptable if it brings someone to knowledge of Christ and redemption. But if you search God's word where does it say such a thing is true? God's word places sole reliance on the work of Christ. How else can this work be made effectual without the preaching of God's word?

To those who give topical lessons or inspirational speeches I charge with the title "speaker". Anyone can be a good "speaker" with enough practice and the right skills implemented. But to preach the truth of God's word boldly and accurately is something altogether foreign to many so called "preachers". They have fallen prey to professionalism and wish to be successful in the eyes of men rather than God. "Who wants to hear so much Bible?" they will ask you. Results will be given to back this up proving they have the wrong focus to begin with. They never say, "Look how much we are basing on God's word. We are obedient and true to God's commands and mandates." If this sort of reasoning is used then you know where their focus lies.

So let us conclude by saying this: Use the method or approach you feel led to use, checking it's validity with the Scriptures. And most of all, don't let results control your choices, let your obedience to God do that.


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