Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pt 10 Longing For Christ

Do you long for Christ, or do you long to long for Christ? Longing for Christ should embody the Christian, but how often do we find men saying, "I want to long for Christ much like these great men of the faith"? One should examine such a longing. Instead of being focused on Christ and His commands, you are focused on a 'longing' that you wish to have.

If you wish to long for Christ because you wish to be more like Him, then you do in fact long for Christ. However, if you hope to long for Christ because you see it as something to be obtained, like a good quality, then you do not long for Christ, but have an idol. You have a picture in your mind of what a 'good' or 'honorable' Christian should look like, and you long for that instead of Christ. Longing for a longing is an endless battle. You will never find any form of rest with such a fallacious approach. Long for Christ and Christ alone!



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