Friday, May 04, 2007


Men sneer and rail against God's Word. They claim, "It is the word of God because it says it is the word of God, how circular!" But I protest with all strength from God. Who claims what the unbeliever says is true? Well the unbeliever of course! "We say this and that about existence, and it is true!" Who is claiming something while at the same time being the attestation that it is truth? That is circular! Life apart from God is circular! No peace and no joy. Just fat headed puffed up blind men running in a circle of self attesting "truth". "We are right because we say so! This is true and there is no God!" God's wrath burns hot for those who deny Him. On the day of judgment I will tremble and testify against those who saw the truth and sneeringly rejected it in pride! I pity the blind men of this world, and I pray for strength to plead with them daily in patience and love.

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