Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pt 4: God's glory in creation

The first and most obvious reason to be given for the millions of people that will never turn to God in repentance being created is that God displays His glory in many fashions. Bacteria, in all it's glorious complexity, harms and even kills creatures within God's creation. Regardless of the pain or turmoil that it may cause, it was created by God and speaks of His infinite qualities from it's complex characteristics. The Lord's glory is limitless and is therefore limitless in it's ability to be seen in everything that exists.

So the tribal leader who dies unconverted or the banker who passes on without the Lord are both created beings that are stamped with the image of almighty God. Just in their biological makeup alone lies an endless well of complexities and harmonious interactions that speak of God's glory and craftsmanship. "Why then," some would ask, "not just create those who will be saved?" This is based on the notion that God's craftsmanship and glory could be shown in the created bodies of those who will be saved removing any reason to create those who will be damned. To this we must reflect back on what we said about our Lord's perfect plan. In His own view of Himself He sees perfectly the amount of glory due to Him. He also sees the perfect means in which to receive His perfect amount of due glory. We must then conclude that God knows and has planned the exact amount of those who will and will not be saved.

He knows and has planned how many doctors will invent marvelous cures for diseases while never being converted. He also knows and has planned how many murderers and rapists will repent of their sins and cling to Christ never to be the same again. Every spec of creation, every child that laughs for the first time, every plant and tree, echoes back the exact amount of glory God planned to receive. If this were not so, and He just let things be, it is inevitable that He would be shortchanged His due glory. He sees Himself perfectly and must not dishonor Himself by allowing finite beings that He created to determine the amount of glory He will receive. So the exact amount of unconverted humans that will exist and perish before Christ returns is the exact and perfect amount foreordained by our Creator. To say otherwise forces many basic Christian doctrines to crumble beneath the weight of non-Scripture-based opinions of God.

One must be humbled by his lack of perfect thought to see clearly his misunderstandings and false beliefs. We will never see how inaccurate we are until the veil of pride and self-dependence is removed from our eyes.


PART FIVE: Human Understanding

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