Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pt 5: Human Understanding

How can one confidently say, “I understand the ways of God perfectly” in view of human sinfulness? We can only very meekly say, “I imperfectly understand very little about God.” This sober approach is the only approach that a finite being must take toward an infinitely perfect being. Any deeper reasoning given for why God creates, damns, and sends men to hell must only be given in light of the Holy Scriptures. Too often men will shrug their shoulders and say, “We can’t say why God does what He does.” I contest that this is a dangerous and unnecessary extreme.

If we search the Scriptures we commonly and consistently find reasons given for the actions of God. We must admit, however, that not all of God’s actions, characteristics, and behavior can be confidently and exhaustively explained. Our finite and imperfect existence keeps us bound to a limited and small understanding. Still, such a wonderful and infinite being God is! Just our glimmer of sight into His existence is enough to ponder and discuss for all eternity.

So we should never shrug off questions of “why” and “how” about God. We should earnestly seek an answer from God and His Word. A slippery slope awaits those who do not wish to study or find answers. These men only wish to “feel” God, rather than “know” God. The intellectual rebellion has a new leader, book, or idea every minute. This rebellion also fizzles out quickly; almost as quickly as it starts. How can warriors be grown on milk and no meat? On feeling and no knowledge? On emotion and no understanding?


PART SIX: Obedience

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