Saturday, March 03, 2007

Reformed Pastor Pt 3

Chapter 1 - Section 2 - Part B

-The nearer I stand to God the greater dishonor I can bring Him. If He pulls us close and blesses us with even a whisper of grace, let us honor Him as our King through obedience and faith. Would you work less and show less loyalty to your job after being promoted? We honor those who bless us in ways that seem like favors from an ant in comparison to the grace of God. A drop of grace from God would drown a lifetime of favors and blessings from men.

-The only reason to doubt whether God will bless the work you do is if the message we proclaim has not changed our own hearts. If we do not work for God for whom do we work? If it be for us then every prayer and praise should be done in the mirror since we are worshiping ourself as a god.

-If sin be evil and should be fled from, why would you embrace it as an old friend so often? Would you slumber with venomous snakes? Or dance on thin ice above awaiting doom? Such actions would be the behavior of someone out of their mind or someone longing to be hurt. Do you long to be hurt? Are you out of your mind? If no then forsake your old friend with whom you've enjoyed so many hours of consuming death and destruction to your own soul. Pluck out the needle of death from your arm! Rise from this bed of ashes you seem content to lie in each night. Let Christ be your portion day and night.

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