Monday, March 19, 2007

Reformed Pastor Pt 5

Chapter 2 - Section 1

-Don't lead a man to living water only to muddy it by a sin filled life. Striving to be holy should bring about a desire to lead men to living water. To be living in sin only to haphazardly attempt to lead men to living water calls the motive of a man's heart into question. Why lead to living water that is apparently too bitter to drink ourselves?

-Paul was stirred by the idolatry of other men. Do we get so stirred? Do we even take notice? The constant denial of God that surrounds us dulls our senses to the rank repulsiveness of men's misleading words. If you smell not the odious stench that pours forth from the Tempter's workers how often do you unknowingly inhale and exhale the same stench?

-If you are weak you are exposed to dangers, your consolations and delight in God are abated, and the sweetness of wisdom's ways have been taken. You are less serviceable to both God and men and bring less honor to your master.

-Men would sooner believe the gospel you preach if they saw it deeply seated and burning within your chest. Are you cold? Luke warm? What gospel are they seeing compared to the one you are preaching?

-If we would remind ourselves daily that we are dying then we would see through the veneer fog of the present and press forward to what is eternal, what is to come.

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