Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sermon Notes - Feed the Flame of God's Gift

John Piper
Feed the Flame of God's Gift: Unashamed Courage in the Gospel
2 Timothy 1:1-12

Main point: Keep feeding the white hot flame of God's gift of unashamed courage to speak openly of Christ and suffer for the Gospel
  1. Where does the main point come from?
  2. Is it the point of the whole book?
  3. How do we fan the flame?
  4. Do it!
1. v6-8
  • Keep feeding it (v6)
  • The gift (v7-8)
  • How does he get the power?
2. Is the main point an isolated thought or the burden of the whole book?
3. How do we feed it?
  • By linking 1:2 with 2:1 (By the grace that is in Christ)
  • How do I get the grace? (see 1:2)
    • God's word mediates the grace
  • All epistles open: grace to you / end: grace with you
  • As you read, grace comes to you. After you're done, the grace with go with you. Hold it!
4. Do it!
  1. Your faith is authentic (v3-5) and I'm speaking to you as a father to a child

    • Paul says, I believe your faith is real, even though it came from your mom and not your dad. My faith is from my parents too. Dad wasn't there spiritually for you, but your faith is real, my beloved son.

  2. Paul gives himself as a pattern for suffering and God's sustaining grace.

    • You'll suffer, but don't be ashamed
      • Because the Gospel is powerful

    • I'm your father, I'm in jail, and I'm not ashamed

  3. The power (v9-10)
    • The grace of God was not given to you when you were converted, but before the world began
      • Your name is written, before the world was formed, in the lamb's book of life
Conclusion: Your calling, courage, salvation, power, has nothing to do with you and are they are not dependent on you.
  • From eternity, God planned to do you good.

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