Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sermon Notes - The Gospel and Idolatry

Tim Keller
The Grand Demythologizer: The Gospel and Idolatry
Acts 19:21-41

My notes from the conference:

Acts 19:23-41
-Paul always took on and challenged the idols of the people.

To be effective:
-Discern, Expose, Destroy

DISCERN: If idols are confronted, after salvation a person's life will be greatly changed. If they are not confronted, they run the risk of living an unchanged life.

Every community, culture, or person looks to something as an idol.
-Something to save them

What is an idol?
Anything in your life that is so central that losing it would strip all meaning from your life.
-It is when you take a good thing and make it an ultimate thing.

EXPOSE: When you threaten idols, anger and chaos will follow.

3 kinds of idols to expose:

1. Personal
  • Money
  • Romance/Love
  • Children
2. Religious
  • Truth - the "rightness" of doctrine
  • Gifts - mistake gifts for fruit
  • Morality - I'm loved because of what I do
3. Cultural
  • Family
  • The individual
  • Politics

DESTROY: When the idols are opposed, it is violent.

Paul risked his life to confront idolatry.
Jesus gave his life.
- You'll always take your life into your hands when you confront/destroy idols.

Objectively: Jesus died, conquered death
Subjectively: We need to see this

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